What on Earth is SEO and How can Lawyers Utilize It

October 25, 2023

October 25, 2023

What on Earth is SEO and How can Lawyers Utilize It

Utilizing digital marketing for your firm implies that search engine optimization (SEO) is likely part of your strategy. SEO focuses on increasing your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, making it an essential component of digital marketing. Improving SEO can boost your website’s ranking in search results, leading to more visitors and increased online presence. As you climb the ranks and appear higher in search results, the probability of receiving visitors to your page significantly increases. If you want to learn more how to use digital marketing for your firm, then read how to "Use Digital Marketing Strategies to Your Firm's Advantage." 

SEO Answers Inquiry

When people are searching for something, they’ll input key words that they need to yield the results they want. For example, let’s say you are a personal injury law firm located in Richmond, Virginia. What should website visitors know?

  • Where is the firm located? - Richmond, Virginia
  • What is their practice? - Personal Injury
  • Can they focus on my particular need? - A motorcycle accident
  • Will it be in my price range? - Contingent-fee based firm

What is the best way to answer a website visitor's questions? Optimize the Keywords

Knowing which keywords to use in your website and the content will help visitors, and search engines, know that are you a “personal injury firm in Richmond, Virginia.” If you are a smaller firm that markets to the local area, then your clients are local as well living in the same area. Showing up in local searches can also help optimize your website for local SEO.

How to Implement SEO as Lawyers

There are two ways we can do this: Do it yourself or Hire a SEO Expert

Option 1: Do it Yourself

To optimize your law firm’s website, take the time to conduct a thorough keyword search. Start by compiling a list of your firm’s specialties, services, and locations. Then, utilize Google to experiment with different combinations of words and synonyms to see what generates the most relevant results. Once you’ve identified the most effective keywords, strategically incorporate them throughout your digital content. Be sure to include them in social media captions, summaries, about pages, and blog posts. And remember to maintain technicality in your writing as you implement the SEO strategies.

Option 2: Hire a SEO Expert

Making SEO for your firm is rewarding, but also time-intensive. Hiring a professional can go a long way for the busy firm owner. Keep in mind, however, that a quality SEO expert will charge a similar hourly rate as a good lawyer would. Anywhere between $500-$1000 a month is standard, so keep this in mind for monthly budgeting.

Hiring a Copywriter or Content Manager in-house for your firm can also maintain long-term maintenance of your website and SEO building

Ironically, not all skilled SEOs have the time to work on their websites, so try asking your network if they know any SEO writers. A job posting, either part-time or contract work, can bring in experts as well.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

  • A quality SEO consultant will understand that it will take work to build a digital footprint. So be wary if they "guarantee results" or seem eager to accept your response for clicks and website traffic
  • An expert SEO will be more willing to explain their process and be upfront about the efforts required and the kind of results to expect
  • Make sure you are not hiring someone to do paid search advertising which is different from SEO, but could also be a viable alternative

It's A Marathon, Not a Sprint

It took a while to start your law firm and get its name known in the community. The same will apply in finding a comfy digital space for your firm. The search engine rankings won't improve right away, so kep focusing on writing content relevant to potential clients, building backlinks, and following Google's guidelines, and generating client reviews.

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