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Hosted by our very own founders, Trials & Tribulations presents LevelEsq CEO, Justin Leto, and President, Larry Bassuk. They'll offer their thoughts, opinions, and insights into a variety of topics ranging from the practice of law, the business of law, and any interesting current events. Trials & Tribulations will also feature interviews with lots of interesting people from all areas of law and business.

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(Over) Preparation

June 1, 2023

You can’t lose if you’re prepared. In episode 10 of Trials and Tribulations, Larry and Justin discuss what it means to be prepared as a lawyer and a client, including how it is always better to be overprepared for a deposition. They go into detail about how they prepare clients for depositions by roleplaying and getting into character, along with real-life anecdotes from the courtroom and wise words from the late Jerry Springer.

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