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Hosted by our very own founders, Trials & Tribulations presents LevelEsq CEO, Justin Leto, and President, Larry Bassuk. They'll offer their thoughts, opinions, and insights into a variety of topics ranging from the practice of law, the business of law, and any interesting current events. Trials & Tribulations will also feature interviews with lots of interesting people from all areas of law and business.

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From the Courtroom to the Boardroom

November 3, 2022

In this first episode, Justin and Larry reflect on the differences between being a lawyer and a business owner. What role did their legal backgrounds play when venturing toward entrepreneurship? What lessons did they learn along the way? Running a business is not the same as running a law firm – aside from adaptability, the two developed various skills to become successful business owners. Tune in for valuable insight into their incredible career journey and how others can follow suit.

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