A funding (r)evolution

Level Insurance has evolved into LevelEsq, and we are revolutionizing Level Case Financing. It’s time to Raise The Bar™.

Our ground-breaking, exclusive cost insurance and financing solutions give you and your law firm an opportunity to leap ahead.

Level Case Financing

With Level Case Financing, you have quick and seamless access to capital to fund your case expenses. Rates as low as 0.7% per month for law firms and lawyers.

Level Insurance

The first and only insurance coverage for litigation costs. If your covered case is lost at trial, Level Insurance reimburses all costs up to your policy limits. Buy a policy online in minutes.

In 2016, Level Insurance brought you the first ever insurance policy to cover case expenses in the event of a loss at trial. After hearing your requests for a better, faster, and simpler way to finance your cases, we are proud to deliver a financing solution.

Raise The Bar™

Case financing made simple

Level Case Financing

Level Case Financing was built by and for plaintiff lawyers. Being a trial lawyer is stressful enough. Financing your cases should be simple.

  • Fast underwriting decisions, interest rates as low as 0.7% per month

  • Interest only payments and other flexible repayment terms

  • Interest tracking per case to pass interest costs to clients

Mobile view of LevelEsq dashboard

Insurance coverage for case costs

Level Insurance

An affordable, one of a kind, solution for plaintiff lawyers and litigants that reimburses case costs in the event of a loss at trial. Level Insurance gives you peace of mind so you can focus on obtaining the best result for your client.

  • Choose your policy limit and which cases to insure

  • Coverage limits up to $500,000 of case costs

  • 7% one-time premium, buy a policy online in minutes

Mobile view of case details

Success stories from lawyers like you

“Level Insurance is an innovative solution to the increasing costs of litigation.”

Philip Freidin, Founding Partner

Freidin Brown
"Level Insurance is an innovative tool to efficiently manage a capital-intensive litigation practice, like my own. It’s just good business.”

Robert Zarco, Founding Partner

Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & Brito, P.A.

How can we help your firm?

Lawsuit Cost Financing

Quick and seamless access to capital to fund your case expenses.

Litigation Cost Protection

Protect the downside with insurance coverage for litigation costs.