Use Digital Marketing to Your Firm's Advantage

October 13, 2023

October 13, 2023

Use Digital Marketing to Your Firm's Advantage

Digital Marketing is merely marketing that happens online. It sounds simple enough, but the tactics are different. The good news is that digital marketing is a lot more cost-effective at getting exposure and brand awareness.

Think about it. You probably look online for everything – restaurants, a ride home, personal trainers near you, etc. Law firms are no exception to this.

Here’s how we can utilize digital marketing to your advantage for better law firm exposure.

Web Design and Development

If you don’t already have one, a website is vital. A client is more likely to browse your website for services than call the phone number that appears on the Google directory. However, creating a website may seem like a daunting task. There are two options: you can do it yourself or contract a professional.


If you opt to make it yourself, there are several online websites to purchase a domain of your own. Websites like WordPress let you create and design. While these websites are easy to use, don’t undermine the value of getting professional quality content just yet.


If you decide to hire someone instead to design, have some screen questions prepared. Here are a couple:

  • How long will it take?
  • Will you show me the training so I can use the site?
  • Can I troubleshoot the site on my own or do I need to contact you for any issues?
  • Will I be able to update my own content

Create a Blog

So, what’s on your website? Consider creating a blog for your firm for visitors to peruse. Writing a blog can attract new clients, and be able to learn more about your brand. Sharing legal knowledge, news, creative ideas, etc. can help clients build a rapport between new clients and your firm.


Make sure you know your readers. Remember, you’ll be writing for current and potential clients, so they’ll be your audience. A few pointers:

  • Be clear and concise: Simpler words with shorter sentences are easier to digest.
  • Don’t write with super unnecessarily long diverting complicated jargon in absurdly bizarre run-on sentences.
  • Create a call-to-action: Your main goal is to convert a visitor to a client. Incorporate clear, attention-grabbing text that drives visitors to take a certain call of action. For example, in “Donald Trump’s Trial and Mistakes to Avoid” calls to action other lawyers reflect on their litigation preparation.
  • Incorporate Search Engine Optimization: SEO is essentially a key term input in search engines. Think of what people would type when searching for a law firm or the topic of a blog article, then include those keywords in your website.

If you want to know "What on Earth is SEO and How Can Lawyers Utilize It?" then read this blog to learn more

Social Media

Your website is not the only thing online. Social media such as Instagram and Facebook are exceptional tools. Use them to promote the content of your firm, and share company culture posts, news, and perhaps even memes. Have fun with it while also being able to promote your firm.


Different platforms are used by different people, so you can play around with the captions as well. You’ll be able to create an online network for your law firm.


People are on social media constantly throughout the day, some people even get their news on social media apps! SEO can work on social media posts as well.

Things to Keep in Mind

While your website is meant to spread your firm’s services, keep in mind that the visitors come first. Your website is a marketing tool, but successful firms focus on meeting what the clients are looking for. Building a digital footprint online for your law firm will take time, and may be difficult to have your content seen at first. Continuous efforts to publish content on a daily basis, and a focus on client-driven content, will have fruitful long-term rewards.

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