Four Proven Methods to Increase Client Referrals

October 19, 2023

October 19, 2023

Four Proven Methods to Increase Client Referrals

Embrace Digital Tools

The internet is a vast and expansive sea of knowledge, which individuals explore every day for what they need. There are several tools at your disposal such as social media, building your own website, and utilizing direct emailing. If you’re not online, referrals can’t find you.


By establishing a LinkedIn and Facebook profile, potential clients can gain a better understanding of your business. It’s also essential to maintain an up-to-date Google Business Profile to ensure clients can contact you via phone, in person, or by visiting your website.


Engage with followers as they comment on your posts by replying to them in fun conversational tones. On your website, create blogposts and other content for referrals to interact with. You can read “Utilizing Digital Marketing to Your Advantage” to find out more tips in emphasizing digital marketing for maximum results.

Treat Current Clients with Royale Regard

Referrals come from people who feel like their needs were taken care of, and that’s through providing excellent customer service. After an accident or injury, clients are going to need some extra compassion and understanding to navigate the stressful time. The best lawyers can simultaneously give focused and determined representation while keeping a compassionate understanding for their clients.


The case is not “just a job.” It’s an entry point to along-term, referral-generating relationship. Happy and satisfied clients can send you many more referrals for years to come, as it carries a lot of weight when someone likes and trusts you enough to refer you.

Your team should also be trained to be responsive and attentive to clients’ needs

Ask For Referrals Without Directly Asking for a Referral

Relationships with the client don’t end when the case is resolved. Any skilled marketer can tell you that. Always follow up with thank-you notes, and be sure that clients have remained satisfied with the outcome of the resolved case.


Make sure to ask for referrals at the right time. It can be during a successful case outcome, at a positive client review, or sometimes they’ll thank you first!

Thank You Note Example from LevelEsq

Become Involved in Your Community

The other way to spread the word of your firm is by getting out there and spreading your firm’s name yourself. Volunteer or attend local events, such as conferences, in relation to your practice. A personal injury or medical malpractice attorney may attend a health awareness conference. A booth can show your services to people affected, and in turn, learn more about what affects your clients.


Networking and community help raise your profile – and if someone who stops by your booth has no immediate need for your services, they may know someone who does.

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