Tired of gender discrimination in the legal profession? Fight back with LevelEsq

October 10, 2021

Female attorney empowered to fight against gender discrimination with LevelEsq
October 10, 2021

Tired of gender discrimination in the legal profession? Fight back with LevelEsq

Female attorneys deserve a weapon to fight back against long-standing disparities in pay and opportunities. Thanks to Litigation Cost Protection (LCP) and Lawsuit Cost Financing (LCF) from LevelEsq they finally have it.

You want to start a (r)evolution? So do we.

That’s why LevelEsq is eager to provide female attorneys comprehensive, affordable coverage that allows them to leave behind fear of case cost losses setting them back if a trial doesn’t go their way. With that peace of mind secured, they can move forward, placing the focus fully on fighting effectively for current clients—and taking on new ones. We are here to also make struggling to finance an important case a thing of the past for female attorneys and female-led firms. Access to capital and insurance creates a competitive advantage that can undercut gender discrimination.    

LevelEsq has never been about following the pack. That would go against our foundational DNA. And that’s a good thing for women in the legal profession who have been failed time and again by that pack.  

It’s time to go in a new direction.

The trail LevelEsq is blazing is the path to creating fundamental change in a legal profession in which, as a 2017 McKinsey study revealed, women make up nearly half of all lawyers but only 19 percent of equity partners and, further, “are 29 percent less likely to reach the first level of partnership than are men.”  

It is the fast lane to putting into the rearview mirror the long-standing insanity which has led to the cascading disparities such as the following noted by the American Bar Association (citing an American Bar Foundation): “[W]omen were making 5 percent less than comparable males in the study after only two to three years of practice. After six years, the gap increased to 13 percent and finally, after 12 years, the gap increased to 20 percent.  

You’re ready for real change and empowerment.

You’ve been ready for a long, long time.  

Join LevelEsq and take your power back. Right now.

We’re ready to see a different result.

We know you are, too.

And together we’ll Raise the Bar and—finally—level that playing field.

How can we help your firm?

Lawsuit Cost Financing

Quick and seamless access to capital to fund your case expenses.

Litigation Cost Protection

Protect the downside with insurance coverage for litigation costs.