The Pros and Cons of Getting Case Cost Financing

April 12, 2024

April 12, 2024

The Pros and Cons of Getting Case Cost Financing

For many law firms, especially those handling contingency cases, managing cash flow while covering the high costs of litigation can be challenging. Case cost financing offers a solution by providing the funds needed to cover expenses such as expert witness fees, trial materials, and operational costs. While this type of financing can be a game-changer for many practices, it's essential to weigh both the advantages and drawbacks before deciding.

Pros of Case Cost Financing

Enhanced Cash Flow Management

Detail: Financing provides essential liquidity, covering litigation costs upfront. This support is crucial for maintaining operations, especially when fee recovery might be delayed due to lengthy litigation processes.

Example: A civil rights law firm leverages case cost financing to manage the expenses of a multi-year discrimination lawsuit, maintaining firm operations smoothly without compromising other active cases.

Greater Case Acceptance Flexibility

Detail: Financial backing allows firms to undertake cases with higher costs and potentially higher rewards, which might be unfeasible without financing due to risk considerations.

Example: By accessing $100,000 through case cost financing, a small firm was able to take on a complex environmental lawsuit that required extensive scientific analysis and expert testimonies previously beyond their financial reach.

Strategic Focus on Legal Outcomes

Detail: With financial concerns mitigated, lawyers can devote more time and resources to achieving favorable legal outcomes rather than managing finances.

Example: Freed from the constraints of immediate cost concerns, a firm could invest in a comprehensive digital forensics investigation to support a high-profile intellectual property case, significantly enhancing the case's strength.

Cons of Case Cost Financing

Risk of Overleveraging

Detail: There's a danger in accumulating debt, especially if the financed cases do not result in favorable settlements or judgments.

Example: A firm that aggressively used financing to expand its case load found itself in a precarious financial position after several key cases were lost, leaving them with high repayments and little incoming settlement money.

Financial Dependency

Detail: Regular reliance on financing can lead to vulnerability, especially if lending terms become less favorable or if market conditions shift.

Example: When interest rates rose unexpectedly, a mid-sized firm struggled to adjust as their financing costs surged, consuming a larger portion of their settlements.

Complex Application and Management Processes

Detail: Securing and managing financing involves significant administrative overhead and can divert resources from core legal work.

Example: A family law practice spent considerable time navigating the application process for case cost financing, requiring detailed financial disclosures and ongoing management that distracted from client work.

Navigating the Decision

Deciding whether to use case cost financing requires careful consideration of your firm's current financial health, case types, and long-term business strategy. It's crucial to partner with a reputable financier who offers transparency, favorable terms, and aligns with your firm's needs. LevelEsq specializes in providing flexible, reliable financing solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by legal practitioners, ensuring you have the support needed to succeed.

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