The LevelEsq (R)evolution is Set to Turn the Tide in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

October 27, 2021

Valiant LevelEsq lawyer taking a stand against a negligent doctor
October 27, 2021

The LevelEsq (R)evolution is Set to Turn the Tide in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Though the negligence of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers can profoundly affect patients’ and their families’ lives, medical malpractice cases are complex and notoriously difficult to win. In addition, political lobbyists have spent an endless amount of money to convince the public that doctors can do no harm and that all medical malpractice cases are lawyer-driven and frivolous.  

Despite these hurdles, when someone is a victim of medical malpractice, they and their loved ones expect justice.  It is the courageous, intelligent advocate that must step up, invest their time and their money, and fight for this deserved justice.  

This entails a tremendous amount of time and, most importantly, a significant investment of money.  And, as any lawyer that has litigated med mal cases knows, these are murky and dangerous waters in which to navigate.  

But times are changing.  

The LevelEsq (r)evolution is set to change the game in medical malpractice lawsuits: First, our unique—and uniquely powerful—Litigation Cost Protection covers case expenses up to $500,000 in the event of a loss at trial, allowing medical malpractice attorneys and litigants the freedom to focus on pursuing justice for their clients rather than fretting over the ever-increasing out-of-pocket costs.

In addition, LevelEsq now offers quick and seamless access to capital to fund your case, with low rates, an easy-to-use portal, and funds available as needed.  This best-in-class lawsuit financing, which we call Lawsuit Cost Financing, will provide your firm the money needed to fund these expensive cases while still giving you the freedom to grow and expand your law firm business.  

Either of these solutions, standing alone, will level the playing field while raising the bar of profitability for your firm.

In combination?  

That’s an exponential force-multiplier that will provide you with a serious edge and real confidence as you tackle cases.

Yes, defendants and well-funded insurance carriers will still stand ready to invest every resource to fight plaintiff attorneys at every step. Most providers will still not acknowledge any error on their part. Their notes and records will remain self-serving and difficult to decipher. They will continue to tell juries that practicing medicine is hard but that they tried their best—that there are multiple acceptable approaches to a medical problem and that bad outcomes sometimes cannot be avoided. They will often still have an arsenal of highly paid experts on hand.

Further, to even evaluate the claim, you will still have to pore over records and possibly consult with medical experts to analyze them. Trial preparation may continue to involve sifting through piles of documents or terabytes of e-discovery, deposing hostile witnesses, staffing associate counsel, and lining up your own qualified experts to counter the defense in a compelling and comprehensible way.  

Experts will still charge hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour and spend dozens of hours on a case between preparation, travel, and testimony. Court reporters, filing fees and fees to obtain copies of medical records will still only add to the tally.  

Here’s what will no longer be the same once you possess the LevelEsq advantage:

You will no longer be making interest-free loans to your client from your after-tax dollars.  

If you don’t obtain a favorable settlement or verdict for your client, you won’t be out case costs…on top of not collecting your fees.  

You might still be walking into a lion’s den—but both your sword and your shield will be stronger.  

Your clients are relying on your expertise to locate, review and analyze a mountain of medical evidence, decide which experts to consult and hire and either present a persuasive and powerful case at trial or leverage a settlement with their provider's insurer.  

They are not expecting you to stress about case expenses.  

And with LevelEsq’s innovative solutions, you won’t.  

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