A Guide to Discussing Legal Financing with Clients

March 29, 2024

March 29, 2024

A Guide to Discussing Legal Financing with Clients

For many plaintiff lawyers, discussing legal financing options with clients is a crucial part of the client-attorney relationship. Transparent and effective communication ensures clients are well-informed about their financing options, helping manage expectations throughout the legal process. This guide provides tips and scripts for lawyers on how to discuss legal financing, focusing on transparency, empathy, and clarity.

Understanding Legal Financing

Before diving into discussions with clients, ensure you have a solid understanding of legal financing solutions, including case cost financing, case financing, and other options available through services like LevelEsq. Familiarize yourself with the terms, benefits, and any potential impacts on the client's case or settlement.

Setting the Stage for Discussion

Tip: Choose the right moment to introduce the topic of legal financing, preferably after you've assessed the case's merit but before deep financial commitments are made.

Script: "Based on our evaluation of your case, we believe it has strong potential. To proceed effectively, we need to consider the best way to manage litigation costs. Let's discuss financing options that can support your case without causing undue financial strain."

Explaining Legal Financing Options

Tip: Clearly outline the types of financing available, emphasizing how each option could benefit the client's specific situation. Use simple language to explain interest rates, repayment terms, and any fees.

Script: "One option we have is case cost financing through LevelEsq, which allows us to cover all necessary expenses for your case without upfront payments from you. This means we can fully focus on achieving the best outcome for your case, with financial aspects like expert witness fees and investigative costs taken care of. The repayment is contingent on the success of your case, ensuring that your financial risk is minimized."

Addressing Concerns and Answering Questions

Tip: Encourage clients to ask questions and express any concerns they might have. Listen attentively and provide honest, straightforward answers.

Script: "I understand that the idea of financing might bring up some concerns. Let's talk about any questions you have. It's important to me that you feel confident and informed about how we manage the financial aspects of your case."

Managing Expectations

Tip: Be clear about the potential outcomes of the case, including the best and worst-case scenarios. Discuss how legal financing impacts these outcomes, particularly in terms of financial recovery and obligations.

Script: "While we're optimistic about your case, it's essential to consider all possible outcomes. With legal financing, we can pursue your case aggressively without immediate financial worry. Should we win, the financing costs are recovered as part of the settlement. In less favorable outcomes, the flexible repayment terms of our financing agreement are designed to protect you from financial hardship."

Concluding the Discussion

Tip: Summarize the key points of your discussion, reiterate your commitment to the client's best interests, and offer to provide additional information or clarification as needed.

Script: "To summarize, our goal is to ensure your case is as strong as possible, with the financial side managed efficiently through legal financing. This approach lets us focus on securing the justice and compensation you deserve. I'm here to answer any further questions, now or at any point in the process."

Discussing legal financing with clients is about building trust and ensuring they are fully informed about their options. By following these tips and using the provided scripts as a starting point, you can foster open communication and manage client expectations effectively throughout the legal process.

LevelEsq is committed to empowering lawyers and their clients with comprehensive financing solutions that prioritize transparency, fairness, and success. We're committed to providing plaintiff lawyers. Our financing solutions are designed with your clients' best interests in mind, ensuring you can focus on securing the best possible outcomes for them. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your practice and your clients' needs.

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