LevelEsq Alleviates Personal Injury Case Funding Concerns

November 9, 2021

Personal injury
November 9, 2021

LevelEsq Alleviates Personal Injury Case Funding Concerns

Running a personal injury practice has always involved contending with myriad financial concerns—but does it have to?

LevelEsq believes the answer to that question is, “Not any longer.

Thanks to our revolutionary, affordable Litigation Cost Protection (LCP) and Lawsuit Cost Financing (LCF) tools, the playing field is finally being levelled—even as the bar of firm profitability is raised.

Read on to find out how LevelEsq is changing the game for your cases—past, present, and future.

Today’s cases

Out-of-pocket litigation expenses are almost certainly among the most pressing concerns when it comes to your current cases—and with good reason: You’ve got to substantiate your demand for your client’s current and future medical bills, assistive devices, home care, lost earnings and pain and suffering. Costs mount quickly for investigation, service of process, discovery (inspections, depositions, medical examinations, etcetera), mediation, motions practice, consulting experts and preparing witnesses, reconstructions, arguments and jury instructions.

LevelEsq can insure or finance these costs. Our unique—and uniquely powerful—Litigation Cost Protection (LCP) covers case expenses up to $500,000 in the event of a loss at trial. We also offer best-in-class Lawsuit Cost Financing to advance the money to fund your expensive cases. Our innovative financing features quick and seamless access to capital to fund your case, with low rates, an easy-to-use portal, and funds available as needed.

Yesterday’s cases

Perhaps covid has taken a toll on your practice. It could be that trial backlogs have seen your client’s financial and health situation deteriorate as the case drags on, while the defense has little incentive to settle quickly and can bank on your client becoming desperate. You’ve had to encourage your client to persist in the litigation when they get anxious to wrap things up and to get medical care when they’ve been reluctant to seek treatment given headlines about overcrowded medical facilities and constant contagion.

If you’ve obtained an LCP policy for a case on hold, you can use LCF to refinance the cash you have invested in this case and channel it toward resolving other covid-induced concerns—say, increasing capabilities for remote work, virtual depositions, or meetings with staff and clients and electronic transmission of discovery and pleadings.

Tomorrow’s cases

Growing your business and reaching potential new clients is its own expensive endeavor. Firms often pour the proceeds of big wins into huge advertising campaigns. Your firm is competing with countless others for attention on television, radio, billboards, social media and even the backs of buses. It is difficult to find a way to stand out while keeping intact your reputation as a professional litigation firm.

You’re also constantly searching for creative ways to hold wrongdoers accountable in view of statutory liability limits. Lawmakers may or may not mean well when they cave to insurance lobbyists, aiming to strengthen businesses or governments and to curb “abusive litigation,” but “reforms” that deny compensation cause your clients further harm and you’re not about to take that lying down.

With LevelEsq’s solutions working to fund your most ambitious cases, you can use your freed up capital to expand your business and increase profitability. You work to get your client the best possible financial recovery, so can they focus on their medical and emotional recovery.

LevelEsq allows you the freedom to focus on seeking justice and growing your business rather than concerns over costs.

How can we help your firm?

Lawsuit Cost Financing

Quick and seamless access to capital to fund your case expenses.

Litigation Cost Protection

Protect the downside with insurance coverage for litigation costs.