How to prepare your firm for the coming supply chain commercial litigation boom

February 24, 2022

February 24, 2022

How to prepare your firm for the coming supply chain commercial litigation boom

Since 2020, supply chains across the globe have faced historic challenges.  

At the outset, shortages of medical materials – including personal protective equipment, hospital beds, and therapeutic medical supplies -- were widespread.  

Human resources, particularly health care workers, were strained by workload, family obligations, isolation, sickness, and loss.  

Then came noticeable effects on manufacturing and consumer goods, including food, books, lumber, microchips, shipping containers, with each scarcity seeming more problematic than the last.

Pandemic-related lockdowns and implementation of safety measures halted or slowed production.  

Transportation bottlenecks further upset the stream of goods and exposed flaws in management of—and a general lack of resilience in—transportation infrastructure.  

Natural disasters, civil unrest, trade wars, sanctions, and labor shortages created additional operational and logistics hurdles.

Much of this, of course, has been well-documented.

There is, however, one potential fallout from the crunch not yet widely acknowledged or grappled with: The many disruptions to the flow of goods may well increase litigation as companies try to deflect resulting costs onto others and may prove to be a boon to your law practice.  

Retailers accusing manufacturers of inflating prices and reducing or canceling stock amid volatile swings in consumer demand, manufacturers forcing suppliers to cover minor warranty claims, and distressed companies becoming available for acquisition or selling off assets to satisfy lenders are just a few examples of situations likely to stimulate commercial litigation.  

Are you ready for a potential influx of commercial litigation cases?  

As you gear up to pore over contracts, consult industry experts, conduct e-discovery, process terabytes of records, depose witnesses, and focus your legal talents on presenting your best case in a compelling and comprehensible way, the last thing you want to worry about is how a financially strained client or your firm is going to cover the significant costs of litigation.

LevelEsq is here to help you prepare financially for every case.  

Our one-of-a-kind Litigation Cost Protection insures your case expenses up to $500,000 in the event of a loss at trial, affording your firm and client the freedom to focus on pursuing justice rather than fretting over ever-increasing out-of-pocket costs. If you don’t obtain a favorable settlement or verdict for your client, you won’t be out case costs, on top of not collecting your fees.  

If you’re interested in quick and seamless access to capital to fund your case, check out our best-in-class Lawsuit Cost Financing (LCF). Featuring low rates, an easy-to-use portal, and funds available as needed, LCF provides your firm with the money you need to litigate expensive cases paired with the freedom to use your cash reserves to invest in growing and expanding your law firm business. With LCF, you can stop self-funding cases, making interest-free loans to clients from your firms’ after-tax dollars.  

Which of these solutions is best for you? Why choose? Using both in combination is the ultimate way to level the playing field against deep-pocketed defendants while raising the bar of profitability for your firm.   

How can we help your firm?

Lawsuit Cost Financing

Quick and seamless access to capital to fund your case expenses.

Litigation Cost Protection

Protect the downside with insurance coverage for litigation costs.