How to Create a Great Website for your Law Firm

January 10, 2023

January 10, 2023

How to Create a Great Website for your Law Firm

Digital marketing is the key to marketing success in the digital era. Not only is content crucial, but your website must appear of high quality and be easy to navigate. A website is the first stopping area in a search for a business or a service. First impressions matter so your law firm website should be transparent, easy to read, and immediately show your legal expertise.

Here is how to create a great law firm website:

Why a Great Website is Crucial for a Law Firm

Every law firm needs a steady flow of clients. The best lawyer website can reach your specific target audience and turn those leads into clients. A smart website design that is user-friendly and clearly conveys your branding, message, and trustworthiness is imperative to increase your profitability. Readers will immediately spot your legal services and determine whether you and your firm are credible—or not.

Websites are digital first impressions. The better the website, the more likely you will land the client. The website additionally assists with generating these new leads and is an effective method of advertising your law firm and your practice areas. Building trust is the most important aspect of a website as there is much competition in the legal industry. Both new and existing clients must consider you a trustworthy avenue to conduct their legal business and protect their best interests.

How to Generate Leads

Generating leads can maximize your exposure, reputation, and profitability. The best ways to generate leads include:

  • Optimizing your web page layout to convert potentials into clients
  • Personalize your call-to-actions (CTAs) to prompt your visitors to take action
  • Lead magnets are downloadable content
  • Social media—use gated lead magnets
  • Host webinars and seminars—including virtual
  • Google Ads

Utilizing multiple methods to generate leads is the most effective. Stay consistent with your marketing to maximize your reach to your target audience. Your individual practice needs will determine what specific lead generators work best for you.

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Top Elements You Must Include on Your Legal Website

Websites should be composed of several vital elements to grab the attention of visitors. The most important elements you must include on your law firm’s website are as follows:

1. Practice areas

Your readers must know the specific areas of law in which you practice. Marketing to the general public is not nearly as effective as finetuning your advertising approach to a specific demographic. For example, personal injury law.

2. Attorney and legal professionals’ bios

Each member of your legal team must be reflected on your website with their own bio. Bios prove the credibility of each legal member and must include their education, explanation of experience in the legal profession, and any additional information they have that demonstrates their excellence within your firm.

3. Pricing information

Omitting this area on your website can lose potential clients. Your pricing structure—whether upfront, contingent or retainer—must be transparent for your readers to consider. Provide your clients with a basic estimate of your price points.

4. Contact page

Your law firm's website must have a separate contact page. This page includes a space for your law firm’s name, phone number, and email address. This information helps your call-to-action take form as clients can easily reach you on the platform of their choice.

5. Videos

Attorney videos displaying their knowledge in the industry help build trust and credibility. Developing a reputation for being an expert in your practice area separates you from your competition. Face-to-face conversations are the most effective marketing—and videos are second best to them.

What Potential Clients are Looking For

When potential clients peruse the internet for a lawyer, they have several things in mind. First and foremost, they must see a high-quality website. A poor, outdated website immediately dissuades clients as it kills trust.

They are looking for trust signals and legitimacy. Using photos of you and your team members provides the trust that they know who they will be working with. Showcasing your practice areas is another high contender clients are looking for. If you do not offer services in their specific practice area legal needs, you are not hired.

Clients search for testimonials to show proof that your firm is as successful as it looks. Knowing you have won many cases—if not the majority of them—makes them feel safe and protected by your legal prowess. Including statistics is a great way to prove you know what you are doing, and that you will aggressively defend your legal clients.

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