How Can a Lawyer Stand Out to Attract Clients?

March 15, 2023

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March 15, 2023

How Can a Lawyer Stand Out to Attract Clients?

Over 1.3 million lawyers are registered and practicing law in the United States. That is a lot of competition. Although there are millions of clients needing trustworthy attorneys, it is imperative to place yourself in a position to stand out—or risk getting left behind. Here are the top ways to stand out to attract legal clients:

Why it is Important to Differentiate Yourself

To land more clients, you must separate yourself from all the other practicing attorneys. You and your law firm must show more authority and credibility in your industry. Differentiating your niche is of the utmost importance so the right clients can find you. It helps increase your visibility to the public in addition to expanding your client database. Niching down can also help you understand your clients and what they need. It is incredibly important to stand out from other law firms in your niche to make you more desirable to clients needing the same services.  

By becoming desirable to more people who seek your legal services, you can also be more picky with who you take on as a client, avoiding those potential clients with glaring red flags and minimizing risk.

How Your Firm Can Stand Out

You can make your law firm stand out from everyone in the legal field by implementing the following proven steps:

1. Understand the clients’ expectations

It is crucial to understand what your clients will be expecting. This notion allows you to effectively market to their customized needs.

Be sure to understand that clients’ expectations may not be aligned with your perceptions of their expectations. For example, a legal trends report suggested that many attorneys were incorrect in their perceptions of how clients wanted to communicate. They assumed that an over-the-phone consultation was what they wanted—they were wrong. Many clients prefer an in-person consultation to establish trust.

2. Master the art of human-centered design

Human-centered design is the best way to separate yourself from other law firms. Clients want to feel valued, represented, and seen during their legal troubles. This establishes trust and a solid working foundation to stay loyal to you and your law firm.

Human-centered design is a philosophy that is implemented to put the client’s needs above all else. The client is the priority, and they need to know it. Get out of the black-and-white strict practices that law school taught you and start listening to the needs of your clients—then design your strategy accordingly.

Strategy helps keep your law firm functioning in both day-to-day operations and in the long run. LevelEsq.’s finance and insurance options are great additions to your legal strategy by offering competitive rates and credit lines that disburse the funds your law firm needs quickly. Top lawyers use their insurance to keep their legal practice safe and secure.

3. Tell your story

To stand apart, you must tell your story. Show what makes you unique. Tell your clients why you are different from the other lawyers they can choose from.

Remove the “sales” language and simply be genuine. This will transcend into potential clients becoming long-term clients. Reflect and think about who you are, how you want your firm viewed, and tell your story in only the way you can. Interlink your law firm’s benefit into your story to truly capture their attention. Your story is unique and humanizes your firm, which attracts clients. People prefer to work with lawyers that they feel connected to.

4. Be active on social media

Many law firms are jumping on the digital train. Digital and online marketing is a necessary move that increases the productivity and visibility of your law firm. A well-rounded social media account gives your potential clients an inside look at your law firm.

Additionally, social media posts showcase your authority and credibility in your respective niche. Sharing snippets of the day-to-day operation let the clients know who you are before they even have the chance to meet you.

5. Watch the competition

To stay ahead of the game, watch your competition. Observe the strategies other competitor law firms are taking to gain new clients—then do better. Go outside of your own niche and see what other law firms are offering to gather ideas. Study their strengths and weaknesses, then apply them to your own law firm’s marketing strategy. Learning from other legal niches can help you stand out in your own. You do not need to copy their methods to get new clients but instead, use them to pave your own unique path for your law firm.

6. Provide top-tier customer service

Customer service is essential to garnering and maintaining clients. You want to offer superior customer service than any other law firm. Any client issue that arises, your team should prioritize finding the resolution.  Law firms are service-oriented businesses; therefore, you must ensure your legal team is surpassing client expectations. Communicate effectively in a timely, respectful manner and provide customizable solutions to their legal problems. Additionally, be available for them! This means making sure that you have a proper phone, walk-in, and mailing system.

How Landing Clients Snowballs into More Clients

The moment you start landing clients, the snowball effect can happen. This occurs when your customer service and legal practices exceed expectations, and the clients come back for more.

Retaining clients becomes second nature when all of their needs are met. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool to reach more clients. Testimonials and referrals can be your strongest bet to attract more clients than you’ve ever dreamed possible. Once you prove yourself as a top lawyer with a reputable law firm, the snowball effect will be well in motion.

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