Embracing the Personal Injury Law Tech-Revolution

May 6, 2022

May 6, 2022

Embracing the Personal Injury Law Tech-Revolution

Though the process of virtually communicating with clients and managing cases accelerated during COVID-related lockdowns, personal injury attorneys have been embracing cutting-edge technology for years to help secure justice for injured clients.  

Here are a few notable ways the future is now in the personal injury law arena…

Artificial Intelligence

Lawyers of our mothers’ generation might only have read about artificial intelligence (AI) in science fiction novels, but we are progressively harnessing it as a litigation tool—primarily in settlements, which can be the definitive win/win, saving both parties time, money, and effort and eliminating the risk of a trial loss.  

Transparent AI that organizes, evaluates, and distributes essential data to parties can often facilitate a fairer offer from an insurer.  

Further, AI reduces insurer red tape by helping to assign the right adjuster to a claim, predict subrogation, analyze anomalies to rule out fraud, and automate processes, ultimately speeding processes up, increasing customer satisfaction, eliminating human bias and error, and lowering overhead costs.  

Web Presence

Today, many personal injury claimants have their first contact with prospective lawyers through a website—often complete with a friendly chatbot available to help users access basic helpful information about their personal injury case any time of day. These bots establish an initial link with potential clients that might have otherwise been impossible during non-work hours; a bond which lawyers and staff can develop and strengthen once back in the office.  

Internet of Things

Technology also affects how cases are presented at trial. We now rely on an “internet of things­” -- CCTV, dash cams, smartwatches, and smartphones -- to contribute to the body of evidence, build narratives, and prove our cases.  

We can further present evidence in more innovative and compelling ways: Rather than simply telling a jury our theory of the case, we can illustrate it for them with animation, computer-generated reconstructions, and 3D reenactments.  

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. And offering jurors visual aids brings the case to life for them—particularly where a lay person is hard-pressed to picture what happened, as in complex medical malpractice claims.  


With all of technology’s advances come challenges as well.  

Securing confidential data is especially important in the face of expanded hacking and cyber-attacks. Lawyers are privy to large amounts of sensitive information about clients’ identities, finances, and medical history and treatment, among other things. In 2020, the American Bar Association reported that 29% of law firms claimed security breaches, 36% of which involved malware infections. With busy workloads, attorneys are apt to overlook their vulnerability to these types of incidents, but the onus is on them to protect their clients’ data from unauthorized access.  

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