Body Language to Win a Trial

March 16, 2023

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March 16, 2023

Body Language to Win a Trial

It takes a skilled lawyer to consistently win their legal cases. However, it goes far beyond research skills and a great staff. In order to get a slam dunk in the courtroom, it is imperative to utilize interpersonal communication skills to persuade the jury. Even more important? Body language. Here is everything you need to know about using body language to win a trial:

What is Body Language?

Psychology Today stated that nonverbal communication—or body language—accounts for 93% of communication. Therefore, your body language is just as important, and sometimes more important, than what you say in trial.  

Body language is movement that includes mannerisms and bodily actions including:

  • Eye contact
  • Head movement
  • Movement of limbs
  • Posture
  • Facial expressions
  • Gestures
  • And more

What is hand gesticulation?

Hand gesticulation is a great way to use body language in court. It occurs when there is movement of the arms and hands. The movement is used to emphasize the verbal words being spoken. Hand gesticulation is learned when infants first learn speech as it occurs in the same area of the brain. Hand gesturing is directly tied to speech as we learn from birth to rely on hand gestures to “augment the meaning of the words we are saying.” This is wildly helpful in court and can help you easily win your case.

Top Ways to Use Body Language in Court

If you are in court, remember that it is not what you say—it is how you say it. Here are the top proven methods that help lawyers win their cases:

1. Show control and confidence

It is crucial to show the jury and your peers that you are in control. At no point should you appear nervous, wiping imperceivable sweat, or covering your mouth. Covering the mouth insinuates there is deception or lying happening.

Posture is important. Sit up straight, and when you are standing, keep your hands low on the hips to give the impression that you are large and in charge in court. It is important to illustrate for the jury that you are confident because it reflects on how they perceive your case.  

2. Stay in character

Even when you are not speaking, it is vital to stay in character. You will be watched at every given point of the trial, from the opening statement to the final closing statement. No checking phones, speaking to anyone unless it is regarding the case, or switches in behavior when your turn is finished. You can rest assured the jury is watching your every move and drawing conclusions about who you are and if you are being truthful.

3. Study yourself in the mirror

Another case-winning tactic is to ensure you can maintain a neutral face. A subtle smile can also be useful in certain situations—but do not wear too many emotions on your face as the jury is watching for any inconsistencies. Look in the mirror and observe your “neutral” face where you are not smiling or frowning. Does it look like you are comfortable, calm, and confident? If it looks like you just had an argument with someone, the jury may perceive you as unfriendly, and dismiss your legal prowess.

4. Make eye contact

The eyes are the most telling parts of the human body—the windows to the soul. Use this to your legal advantage by employing a healthy dose of eye contact. Use eye contact not only with the people on the stand and witnesses but also with the judge and jury. Eye contact shows you are honest and sincere. Experts recommend looking in the eye-nose-triangle around two-thirds of the time you are speaking and looking away the remaining one-third of the time. With practice, this can become second nature.

5. Pay attention to your hands

In order to appear genuine and trustworthy, pay special mind to your hands. No fidgeting, tapping, holding the edge of the desk, or other nervous ticks. To appear the most powerful and honest, tent your fingers or interlace them together. This shows dominance and authority and that you just may be telling the truth which can help you win the trial. As there are many things to pay attention to in court, finances should not be one of them. Top industry leaders like LevelEsq. are designed to help you finance your cases. Take advantage of getting fast access to essential capital by using case financing which allows you to keep your attention where it’s needed the most—winning the trial.

Bottom Line

Using hand gesticulation and body language can readily help you in winning the trial by a landslide. Your main mission is winning over the jury of your peers by showing a genuine and neutral demeanor that is also friendly and kind. Showing your authority and confidence shows you are trustworthy. Standing up straight, subtle smiles, and tenting your fingers are great ways to show the judge and jury exactly who you are, and that you mean business. LevelEsq offers Level Case Financing to help your law firm succeed. With our financing option, you can fund you trial costs for a net cost of 1%.

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