Florida Board Approves Litigation Cost Insurance Pass-through

September 11, 2023

September 11, 2023

Florida Board Approves Litigation Cost Insurance Pass-through

Did you know that the Florida Bar Board of Governors wrote an ethical opinion blog about litigation cost insurance pass-through? It is permissible for attorneys to ask their clients about the cost of “litigation cost protection” insurance.


With a 7% premium of protection sought, the Board of Governors passed a 23:17 vote that would allow the attorney to pass that cost to the client. In other words, if the attorney wants a $10,000 cost protection, then the premium is $700, and this cost can be covered by the client.


Level insurance allows plaintiff lawyers to take on more cases and win bigger settlements for their clients. Clients don’t have a direct need for level insurance, but they still benefit greatly. The ability to allocate resources toward focus groups and top-tier expert witnesses provides clients with the assurance that you are going all-in to obtain the most favorable result possible.


Level insurance allows plaintiff attorneys to put their full focus on their trial and not worry about losing their investment. Any costs spent directly on the case such as expert fees, filing fees, trial exhibits, deposition transcripts, copies, etc. will be covered and paid back up to the policy limit selected. We provide transparent and reliable coverage for plaintiffs’ attorneys, allowing you to focus on litigating the case without worrying about the cost.


You can check on our website for your state’s ethics opinion and our services at our site, Levelesq.com.If you want to know more about the article by the Florida Bar, check out their blog.

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